If 4 years ago I had said that colorful polyurethane motor mounts would be seen on paramotors on all continents of the world…incredibly strong motor mounts that would reduce shake at idle, eliminate twisting at spool up, reduce vibration, last for years with an internal mechanical lock, handle sun, ozone, petrochemicals, extreme heat and cold with ease, all rolled into a sexy shape in a variety of colors...I doubt many pilots would have believed me. Yet here we are 4 years later with exactly that!


Viking PPG is now taking on an even bigger challenge.  We believe paramotor design is in need of a big change in all aspects of it’s current design. There are too many broken backs and other serious injuries that could be prevented with a better design. The design needs to be safer, simpler, lighter, more comfortable, easier to manufacture with fewer parts, transportable, stronger and sexier to look at. I know this is a tall order, but I believe it can be done and we at Viking PPG are working hard to bring this change about with the advent of a sub 50 pound 25 horsepower prototype that addresses all of these important issues.  It has been in the works for over 10 years.  Simply hard work, lots of testing and following a dream…

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The beginnings of the first frameless paramotor exclusively from Viking PPG!  Stay tuned!