Hello Robert, 


Just a quick note to tell you what an amazing product you have created. From the first time I saw the Poly engine mounts you can tell the quality and craftsmanship that went into making these engine mounts are superb. I have the Air Conception Ultra 130 and it seems that these were made for this machine (even though I know they are not) as they fit perfect. 


First thing I installed was the engine mounts and did a short flight to test them, well I have to tell you that even though this machine doesn’t have too much vibration it did help to minimize even more, now the machine looks solid and rich as the original mounts looks and feel cheap. 


The next day I installed the Muffler Poly Mounts you sent me to test, installation on this machine was a breeze, just remove a few screws to remove the muffler, install the mounts and re install the muffler, very simple. Yesterday I went out to test out the machine with the complete set of the engine mounts and the muffler mounts and I flew for 2 hours (long time I know, I felt it on my ass) and I have to be honest with you, there was no vibration what so ever felt, did some touch and goes and I couldn’t feel anything. Even when warming up the engine on the ground you can tell that on idle the vibration is almost gone. You have created a great product and I wish you the best luck.


 Thanks for sending me the mufflers mounts, it was not expected and I am glad I am one of the first ones out there to test them out. Even though I do not have too much experience on the paramotor arena I can definitely say that they PASS my test.




Robert Archer

Robert, went out this morning and had 2 nice flights with the new motor mounts. Not only do they look good, but I really noticed the lack of vibration. So, they are working very well. Great job Robert on these mounts.


Alex Varv

I received a set of these mounts and I subjected them to the most abuse possible. They never cracked or separated. They do not need a security webbing around them. I have placed an order and will include these mounts on all my future Cors-Air Kangooks. These Polyurethane mounts (vibration insulators) will be soon available at a competitive price. I want to test them more and I will write a short material with pictures which will be published on The Inventions Page of the http://www.aerocorsair.com web site. I will also share with all of you my test results very soon as now they are installed on my Cors-Air Kangook paramotor which has a wooden prop way out of balance and generates a very bad vibration.This will be my final test.


Alex Varv

Aero Cors-Air USA LLC


Mike Tuason

I have a set on my motor and yes they are awesome in dampening the vibrations... thanks Robert.


Matthew Cox

I was able to get the engine mounts on my fresh breeze. They look great and I have run the engine a couple of times to see how they work. I think you have a winner! Much less torquing of the engine as it spools up and they seem to dampen the vibration a lot. Much much better than the original rubber mounts.


Mike Bennett

They work great for vibration damping. I have been using them for almost a year. I even purposely put on a prop I know was slightly out of balance and hardly even noticed a difference after installing these mounts. Put the old rubber one back on, and it felt like a washing machine with clothes on one side. Nice thing is these things keep their shape. I have rubber ones that sag over time from the weight of the motor, we have been measuring them and only 1% sag vs. 16% from the rubber ones in the same amount of time. Also I had a prop strike a couple of week ago that took out two cage pieces when the prop split in flight. Tested the mounts very good flex, no crack rips or tears and still very usable.


Matt Haunold

I fitted a set to my Zenith Thor 200 combo. I'm very happy with the performance.


Brent Cameron

I've recently installed these engine mounts on my F-200 Fly Para-motor, they have reduced vibration and increased Pilot comfort greatly, fully recommended! A big thumps up!


Chris Atkinson

On my V5 the harmonics on my set up has affected my balance and made me feel drunk. Fitted this mounts. Problem solved.


Marek Kozlowski

I also have been using these motor mounts for nearly a year now, I dont have the exact specs or percentage comparisons, thats way too technical to me. As most of us I go by the feel, how much hardware I loose during flight, chipped teeth, etc. The vibration isolation and 2-stroke part retension has improved dramatically. In all seriousness, the mounts are marvelous, the colors astounding and craftsmanship second to none. We have taken the motor off recently and checked the mounts for any signs of wear, stress cracks and fatigue, none were found.


Ray McM

I have been Using Robert's new Mounts on my Skybolt VX Minari... and my Kangook Minari...Ihave to say they are very smooth...I noticed a big difference...from my original mounts...I am going to change all my Mounts to Viking PPG engine mounts from now on...a fair price too....If something is out there better, then we should Promote it........


Ray McM



Matt Bauman

I received my new motor mounts and immediately wanted to try them out. As I started removing the motor, the rubber mounts completely ripped apart. Frankly I'm not surprised because they were simply weathered rubber cemented to a washer. When I realized that was all that was holding my motor to the cage of my ppg, I was shocked and a bit unnerved. My new motor mounts from Robert were bigger, stronger, and were coated to withstand almost anything. Not to mention, they greatly decreased the vibration of my motor. I could feel the difference as soon as I took off and sat back. These mounts perform as good as they look, I highly recommend them to any pilot looking for the safest and most comfortable ways to fly.


Paul Anthem

Robert...I got mine in the mail yesterday. Now I just need to find time to install them. By the way, they don't taste like orange AT ALL. More of a "post-industrial-warehouse" flavor than any fruit I've ever tasted.


Shawn Witt

We at Glidersports.com have tested them on several machines and can attest to what Robert says, they are stiffer but reduce vibration. They must be made with magic.. Thanks Robert for great mounts.


Nicolas Lemay Bluteau

J'ai eu l'occasion de faire quelques vols depuis que j'ai installé mes nouveaux supports moteur. J'ai remarqué une diminution notable des vibrations, peut importe le RPM. J'aime bien leurs aspects, ils ont l'air beaucoup plus solide et durable que ceux d'origine (j'en ai déjà changé plusieurs fois en 2 ans).Je vais les recommander a tout le monde que je peut.



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