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My Background


I'm a photographer and filmmaker by trade as well as a passionate PPG/PG, speedflying and skydiving pilot. Some weekends I instruct PPG. My education in design came to me in the form years 14 years of experience in the old American tradition of backyard hot rodding.


In the early 80's when I was just out of college, a Swedish friend of mine introduced me to old hot rod Fords. Mainly '29-'34 models, and taught me the history and the ingenuity behind the thinking on these cars. I got hooked and ended up co-building a 50's style primered all steel fender less Ford 32 Roadster with a Chrysler 354 Hemi with 6x2's.


Learning to build this hot rod taught me a lot about mechanics, welding, as well as styling. It was like creating a sculpture. You had to know what parts to use and how to make them work together. Try mating a 354 Chrysler Hemi with' a 37 Cad/LaSalle gear box to a '57 Ford 9" rear end and you get the picture. The patina was very important and so was the smell. Once I figured it out, the reaction by car buffs was instant. It was a fabulous time and that experience is helping me develop more stylish PPG products. There are several in the works already....


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